About Me

I have worked in the technology sector for nearly thirty years. My areas of focus have spanned hardware, software, networking, web technologies, multimedia, and marketing campaigns, as well as managing staff. When I'm not in front of a computer, I'm training at the gym or riding my bike, usually really fast. I've found physical activy to be balancing and an essential playground where my greatest ideas emerge. Go fast!

Stuff I do

Here are just a few areas of my professional focus. My resume can be accessed below, too.

  • web • cloud • Networking

  • windows administration

  • e-mail campaigns

  • management • teamwork


One more thing

I love life. There are so many adventures to experience and interactions to soak in, and I cherish all that come my way. I love those whom I have the privilege of spending time with, and look forward to engaging with those that have yet to cross my path. Life is such a wonderful gift.